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Editorial At Cushman & Wakefield, we work to push the boundaries and transform the market. As leaders, we compete and strive to win together, while always putting our clients first. We are confident that our knowledge of the industry, combined with innovative philosophies and our go-getter mentality, will help our clients differentiate themselves from their competition. Based on your feedback, this edition has been broken up into four major themes: Employee Experience, Disruption, What Occupiers Want, and Finance. Our very own subject matter experts from across the globe came together to discuss the important issues, trends, and news that will affect your company. Look inside to find articles featuring breakthrough topics such as driverless cars and their effect on occupiers, the retail technology revolution and how newCommerce will be a differentiator, and the use of mobile robots as security. We also go beyond the commercial real estate industry and touch upon major worldwide news such as China’s Belt & Road Initiative and the impact it will have on global trade, and we take a deep dive of the TAMI (Technology, Advertising, Media, and Information) Industry. A groundbreaking augmented reality tool – Occupier Edge 3D – is coming soon. Keep an eye out for the launch of the mobile app, which will make the pages of The Occupier Edge come alive. We don’t just talk about innovation, but we take action – we practice what we preach.. Please feel free to contact our experts to learn more about any of the topics featured. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on strategic solutions to help make your business more efficient, successful, and profitable. Please enjoy reading Cushman & Wakefield’s Fifth Edition of The Occupier Edge.

STEVE QUICK Chief Executive

Global Occupier Services steve.quick@cushwake.com


Steve Quick


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