23008_Nearshoring Report


Key considerations for choosing a location will be led by access to and the cost of appropriately skilled labour and proximity to good transport links. As discussed above, locations for investment in manufacturing locations are likely to be focussed in markets including:

There will also be the need for logistics facilities at key ports of entry and along logistics corridors including:

• Southern ports in Southern Spain, Portugal, France (Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts in particular) and Italy as receiving ports for goods moving from Northern Africa and Türkiye. For example, there has been investment in logistics projects in Southern Spanish locations such as Algeciras and Huelva and there are rail and road infrastructure improvement projects both in construction and consideration to connect Andalucia to the French border along the European TEN-T Mediterranean Corridor. • Northern ports such as Gdansk and Gdynia in Poland and Baltic Sea Ports, especially where there are advantages moving in volume by sea rather than road or to connections where sea is the most appropriate, including the UK and Nordic countries

• Along key motorway and multi-modal transport hubs along the routes from Türkiye and CEE countries to Western European destinations, particularly through Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland. A major route emerging is the Via Carpatia, a road transportation corridor consisting of motorways and expressways leading from the port city of Klaipeda, Lithuania in the north through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria to the port city of Thessaloniki in Greece in the south. This transnational highway route could be a significant supply chain conduit of goods moving through and between the CEE and Türkiye.

• Central & Eastern European countries – especially close to the border with Western Europe and in locations with access to major transport corridors • Türkiye – especially to the North and West of the country and selected areas to the South West

• Northern Africa, especially Morocco (particularly to the North of the country) but, over time, other Northern Africa and Middle Eastern location (including Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia) as well as the wider African continent as opportunities mature • Western, Southern & Northern European countries, notably where there are key industries already in transformation, especially Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, or where there are compelling economic or geopolitical reasons for the development of domestic/regional supply capacity.



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