Multifamily Capabilities | Affordable

AFFORDABLE SUPPORT SERVICES Supply copies of the Annual Owner Certifications (AOC) º Submit tenant files for testing resident eligibility º Supply copies of agency monitoring reports • Investor Site Visits º The Compliance Team will respond to file questions • Regulatory Reports º Deliver copies of Continuing Compliance Program Certification (CCPC) (Bond) º Complete and deliver Annual Owner Certifications (AOC) to State Agency (LIHTC) º Complete and deliver 8703 (Bond) to State Agency • Utility Allowance º Implement owner chosen methodology and submit annual reminders for update º Submit to State Agency for approval • Support º Stay apprised of industry updates º Communicate updates and implement industry best practices º Circulate compliance support documents º Recordkeeping and electronic database storage • Investor Requests º

Cushman & Wakefield | 20

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