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EARLY ADVOCATE OF VASH The Cushman & Wakefield multifamily team first became aware of the VASH program in 2009 when its then affiliate, Cascade Affordable Housing, contacted the Department of Veteran Affairs to learn more about veteran homelessness and to determine what it could do to make a difference. Upon meeting with the VA and understanding the depth of the veteran homeless problem, Cascade and the Cushman & Wakefield team took proactive measures to become one of the first national operators of affordable housing to welcome veterans to its properties. Many veterans holding the tenant-based VASH vouchers chose Cushman & Wakefield properties because barriers normally associated with applying for quality housing were lowered, or removed altogether. Cushman & Wakefield understood that regular and effective communication between case managers and onsite personnel was critical to ensuring a positive veteran experience at its communities. Flexibility with application fees, damage deposits, rental and background history made it possible for hundreds of veterans to attain safe, quality and affordable housing across Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington. While opening its doors to veterans, Cushman & Wakefield also became an advocate for VASH within the affordable housing industry. At that time, few affordable housing operators knew of the VASH program, and even fewer were willing to open their doors to veterans. Cushman & Wakefield personnel attended affordable conferences, met with affordable leaders, and talked with whomever it could to tell about the benefits of getting involved with VASH. Today the affordable housing industry is a major partner in helping to eliminate veteran homelessness.

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