Multifamily Capabilities | Affordable

Managing affordable properties demands precise regulatory compliance and documentation, which must be readily demonstrated under scrutiny. Noncompliance penalties can be severe, even jeopardizing an owner’s ability to take on new business by accruing previous participation demerits. Cushman & Wakefield applies substantial resources to making sure regulatory compliance is met through the following procedures:

Move-in approvals: review and approval of each new move-in for tax credit and regulated properties

Agency reporting: monthly, quarterly and annual reports for states, cities and counties; annual owner certifications

Income and set-aside: baseline requirements, income limits and maximum permissible rents, audit-trail quality leasing and tenant files

Compliance and monitoring: annual recertification, special targeted set-asides, amenities and resident services

Regulatory and compliance audits: on-site preparation, real-time support on day of audit

Training: state-certified seminars, federal and state continuing education, updated regulatory and reporting requirements

Recordkeeping and data preservation: regulatory waivers, approvals and authorizations for regulatory audits

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