January 2018 Newsletter


Alex Walker Associate Market Director

Tell us a little about yourself I’m originally from Augusta. I moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech. I recently enrolled back at GT to pursue a Masters in Real Estate Development. I enjoy traveling with my fiancé and attending sporting events and music festivals. As a natural competitor, I enjoy playing basketball and golf during my free time. Tell us about your role at Cushman & Wakefield. What’s a typical day like for you at the office? I’m the Associate Market Director of Research. There isn’t a typical day in the research department. Each day presents new projects and challenges. Research averages over 100 requests per month ranging from providing brokers with pitch materials to presenting market information to clients. I embrace the dynamic aspect of tackling new challenges every day. I try to structure my day in terms of short term, mid-term, and long-term projects. I find it important to chip away at the mid-term and long-term projects each morning before completing new requests that come in. Usually, the mid-term and long-term projects are

related to data aggregation or verification that prepares us for quarterly statistics and market reports. Tell us about a moment in your career or an achievement that you are particularly proud of. Last year, during a time when I was the only person in my department, I managed to keep the research engine running. Somehow, I was able to manage all of the broker requests while calculating quarterly statistics and writing the market reports. Research was a one-man show! That experience taught me how to effectively manage time and priorities. I’m proud to have built the foundation for our awesome team of six.

Is there a quote or motto you live by? “Under promise, over deliver”

If we ever find ourselves in an Alex Smith Trivia Contest what’s something we should definitely know? I played defensive back for the 2008 Georgia Tech football team that beat UGA in Athens.



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