Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020 | Cushman & Wakefield

CLIMATE CHANGE RESILIENCE (103-2, 103-3) Climate change resilience refers to the adaptive- capacity of both the services that we offer clients and our own office spaces to climate- related hazards, including sea level rise, flooding, increasing temperatures and wildfire impacts. As a leading real estate services provider managing over 4.1 billion square feet of commercial real estate space, we believe that we have the opportunity to meaningfully impact climate-risk resiliency across the industry. Much of our work in climate change resiliency centers on helping clients evaluate and select buildings and real estate portfolios that are adaptable and will retain value in a rapidly changing environment and climate. To incorporate these climate risk considerations, our building selection recommendations for clients include evaluations of the following criteria:

We also work with individual clients to incorporate climate risk factors into their overall ESG strategy. We work with numerous investors, providing transparent disclosures on climate-related risk to their investments. In some cases we prepare Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) annual reports that support investors to make better, more informed decisions. Our TCFD reports further support companies to: > Better understand the material climate-related risks and opportunities that their companies are exposed to. > Develop disclosures related to their approach to oversee, identify, manage and respond to these risks and opportunities. Internally, our Global Legal department, supported cross-functionally across the business, identifies and manages climate-related risks to our business using insurance, business continuity plans, and technology tools. Additionally, we set sustainability benchmarks and achievement goals for every new office site. We plan to continue to build out our internal and external climate change resilience strategy. Custom Sustainability Solutions for our Clients This next section includes several examples of how we are leading the way for our clients by partnering with them to deliver healthier, safer and more productive workplaces that employees will feel confident returning to—all while adding real sustainable value.


> Walkability

> Daylight

> Risk of Overheating / Thermal Comfort

> Ventilation

> Sea level rise

> Wildfires

> Outdoor air quality


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