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Data-driven Insights Cushman & Wakefield uses a data-driven, evidence- based approach to understanding key drivers of workplace experience through its Experience per Square Foot™ (XSF) database, a proprietary tool that tracks real estate and workplace metrics. Through XSF, we have captured data points from workers across the globe in the pre-COVID-19 era, and additional data from respondents in the work-from-home environment through XSF@ home. Throughout 2020, our workplace specialists analyzed XSF’s data to develop thought leadership such as our Future of Workplace report, giving an unrivaled inside look into employees’ key successes and critical challenges during COVID-19. We continue to regularly uncover insights about the evolving working environment through XSF 2.0, which to date has captured more than 6 million data points from more than 110,000 workers in 100 companies around the world. Armed with data, we help organizations optimize their return-to-office strategy and workplace design to drive employee engagement, development and productivity.

Innovating through Technology With more people working remotely than ever before due to COVID-19, technology and innovation became paramount in 2020. Cushman & Wakefield’s Technology and Data Solutions team has stayed on top—and even ahead—of the latest trends by collaborating with leading innovative companies, startup accelerators and venture capital firms as part of our strategy to develop better, more seamless experiences for our clients. Our innovation-focused technology team is responsible for managing and maximizing the value of our key technology relationships. They are focused on building a pipeline of the best technology solutions that can address our company’s and our clients’ specific needs. To accomplish this, colleagues from technology, other functions, the Strategic Investments team, client- facing subject matter experts and service line leaders across the firm work together to develop our strategy, pilot leading solutions and evaluate investment opportunities.

Deliver market insights and thought leadership

Develop tech- driven strategies/ programs

Continuous Innovation Process

Did you know? WELL certification requires performance verification through onsite testing of air, water, light, acoustics, and other indicators. Additionally, measures of peoples’ experiences are required through pre- and post-occupancy evaluations. Cushman & Wakefield’s XSF 2.0 is a pre-approved survey provider, meaning companies can use our tool to capture and report data related to workplace experience to achieve the rigorous WELL certification.

Pilot leading solutions and

drive key strategic tech investments

Maximize value of Cushman & Wakefield strategic partners


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