Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020 | Cushman & Wakefield

All employees and contractors under Cushman & Wakefield’s control are covered under our HSSE management system. Our procurement team works with our HSSE team to establish minimum HSSE requirements for working with contractors and suppliers. This includes HSSE performance criteria required of organizations engaged, establishment of relevant HSSE competency standards, company pre-qualification and performance monitoring. We strive for continuous improvement in safety performance by focusing on regular hazard identification and risk assessments on the environments we work in and the tasks we perform. The global system includes a series of guidelines on HSSE topics, which set out our minimum expectations around identifying, assessing and managing health and safety risks. Each guideline covers the quality cycle aspects of “plan, do and check” as well as following the hierarchy of control. The global HSSE team is supported by professionals in each of our major markets who facilitate workers’ access to our global HSSE program. They also manage the consistency and quality of the global HSEE system by conducting audits, reviewing reported incidents and hazards, determining corrective actions needed using the hierarchy of controls and identifying any necessary improvements. The Global Health & Safety Policy requires consultation with employees, subcontractors and relevant third parties impacted by Cushman & Wakefield’s business operations on health and safety manners. This engagement is managed at the country level.

Our 360° HSSE model is an enterprise- wide, behavior-based program designed to increase awareness, improve safety competency and develop a culture committed to safety. The 360° HSSE model is based on three pillars:


LEADERSHIP accountable, proactive, informed and knowledgeable


SYSTEMS streamlined, consistent, integrated, relevant and applied


CULTURE just and fair (no blame), informed, flexible and trusting

HSSE Leadership At Cushman & Wakefield, our global and regional HSSE operations are led by experienced HSSE professionals. The number of safety professionals in each region reflects the risk assessment of the work. This staffing model has been externally validated in a number of countries through the achievement of external certification under ISO 45001: UK, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore offices. To achieve ISO 45001 certification, it is necessary to demonstrate there are adequate numbers of competent personnel on the HSSE team. Our offices in Greater China are certified OHSAS 18001.


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