Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020 | Cushman & Wakefield

CSR PRIORITIES Material Topics (102-46, 102-47, 102-49, 103-1)

As a best practice, Cushman & Wakefield conducts materiality assessments every few years to determine the topics that reflect our most significant impacts to the environment, society and the economy, as well as those topics that influence the decisions of our stakeholders. Our most recent assessment was completed in 2021 in accordance with the GRI Standards with support from an external consultant. We assembled a list of 60 potential material topics based on previous materiality assessments conducted in 2017 and 2019, industry research, peer benchmarking and ESG reporting frameworks. Our CSR team refined the list to 27 topics that were included in a survey to internal and external stakeholders. The survey was issued to all employees and select clients, investors and suppliers. The survey asked stakeholders to evaluate each topic based on two criteria: 1) how important the topic is to each stakeholder, and 2) how significant of an impact (positive or negative) they perceive Cushman & Wakefield has on the topic. The survey results were averaged for each stakeholder group, weighted and validated through a workshop with the CSR leads and executive sponsors. The results were then further validated through additional client feedback and final results were plotted on a materiality matrix. Through the 2021 assessment, we identified 13 material topics, five of which were new topics. Based on stakeholder feedback, we also identified five additional topics to monitor. The monitored topics were determined to be important to certain stakeholders but are not topics on which Cushman & Wakefield has a significant impact. The results of this assessment were used to inform Cushman & Wakefield’s CSR strategy and the content of this report. We are committed to continuous improvement in each of the areas where we make an impact. In 2021, we plan to prepare a materiality roadmap to enhance future management and disclosure of material topics.






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