Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020 | Cushman & Wakefield

Governance (102-18)

Our Board of Directors is comprised of nine Directors, eight of whom are independent. Our Board of Directors has three committees: the Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Audit Committee. All of the committees share responsibility for ESG decision-making where relevant. Our governance bodies are held to the following policies which can be found under Governance Documents on our Investor Relations webpage:

> Corporate Governance Guidelines

> Global Code of Business Conduct

> Code of Business Conduct for Members of the Board of Directors

> Audit Committee Charter

> Compensation Committee Charter

> Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter

Across our firm, ESG factors are integrated into our operations and business practices. Each area is overseen by experts. Our CSR program provides enterprise-level coordination of ESG efforts through data collection, reporting, communications, strategic initiatives and more, and is overseen by executive sponsors Brett Soloway, General Counsel; Brad Kreiger, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer; and Nathaniel Robinson, Chief Investment Officer & EVP of Strategic Planning. Members of each sponsor’s team lead the CSR program and manage the CSR reporting committee, a cross-functional group of experts across the firm’s regions, service lines and business units who represent all material ESG areas.


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