Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018


Our global supply chain is made up of thousands of suppliers and vendors of goods, services and equipment for our primarily office-based operations, supporting our facilities management activities through C&W Services. Due to the nature of these operations, most of our procurement is local. We aim to engage with suppliers that are aligned with our values and principles and uphold high standards of business integrity and ethical conduct. This is important for our clients, who are increasingly demanding transparency about our supply chain activity, and minimizes risk to our business. We engage with our strategic suppliers on matters relating to social and environmental sustainability, ensuring they understand our Global Vendor / Supplier Integrity Policy, which sets out our expectations in the areas of business integrity, labor practices, health and safety, environmental management, and anti-corruption and anti-bribery. In 2018, all new suppliers were screened for social standards through confirmation of compliance with our Global Vendor / Supplier Integrity Policy.

Encouraging diverse suppliers A key element of maintaining an ethical supply base is our focus on inclusion. Our Supplier Diversity Program aims to improve diversity across the Cushman & Wakefield supply chain and is based on five key elements:

>> Outreach >> Continuous improvement

>> Supplier identification >> Performance management >> Development & mentoring

In 2018, we completed a first-ever analysis of our supply chain to understand the degree in which we are engaging diverse suppliers by category and spend.

In 2018, we spent more than $43 million with more than 8,600 diverse suppliers in the U.S.


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