Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018

Addressing the skilled labor gap in facility services As a business employing thousands of individuals in facility services, C&W Services has invested in programs to address the shortage of skilled labor in this sector, including apprenticeships, scholarships, mentoring programs, and engaging with social enterprises. exclusively in social enterprises that employ and empower people overcoming barriers to work, we joined forces with Cara Chicago, a nonprofit agency that seeks to take people out of poverty by training them for and connecting them to meaningful work. We launched our partnership with Cara through a week-long C&W Services training program, where eight Cara participants learned to be safe, effective and professional In 2018, through our existing relationship with REDF, a venture philanthropy that invests

facility services employees. We documented the training in a three-minute video that gives voice to the participants’ feelings about the importance of autonomy, hope and change.

Watch the video of our training program with Cara below.

Executive Chairman & CEO Brett White speaking to Cara training program participants


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