Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018


where Cushman & Wakefield has many years of experience and leading-edge expertise. Around the world, we help our clients achieve their visions for new and inviting city centers, while optimizing sustainable urban development.

Cushman & Wakefield helped GSK, a large pharmaceutical client, to implement a SMART- Working concept in its new office in Moscow, Russia. The change management project, launched in 2017, focused not only on changing the layout of the office, but helping employees

find new ways to collaborate. Through 2018, our team educated GSK staff on new open ways of working that are now being implemented by GSK globally. We accomplished this

A new sustainable neighborhood in Bradford, UK

In 2018, Bradford Council in the UK appointed Cushman & Wakefield to deliver a plan to revitalize Bradford’s city center by constructing a sustainable ‘City Village’ comprised of vibrant public spaces, approximately 1,000 new homes, independent shops and businesses. Creating this residential-led, mixed-use environment will be a complex but extremely rewarding

by conducting anonymous surveys to analyze employees’ changing attitudes towards the workplace and guiding GSK staff through town hall meetings, trainings and weekly calls. Currently, the Moscow office is one of GSK’s most innovative spaces, where openness, brand culture and teamwork is encouraged.

challenge that will transform

the center into a model of modern urban living, bringing great benefits to the city’s residents

“We are delighted to be involved in implementing this important mandate on behalf of Bradford Council. We aim to facilitate an innovative approach to placemaking to ensure that the Council’s vision of creating a revitalized, sustainable community is realized.” StephenMiles Partner, Development and Planning, UK


and business communities. Several

As populations continue to migrate to city environments, with global urbanization expected to reach 70% by 2050, we share a responsibility to help transform urban centers into attractive and efficient areas where people can feel good about how they are living and working. The challenges of revitalizing city centers and their suburbs include everything from identifying new infrastructure needs, adopting smart technologies for efficiency and safety, and constructing buildings that people will be happy to populate. Fortunately, this is

concurrent plans have contributed to the overall development, including a new 4,000 capacity events venue and a high- quality office development.


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