Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018


In 2018, we were excited to support global food company Danone in creating a sustainable, healthy workplace in line with the company’s vision of “One Planet. One Health” for their global headquarters in the Netherlands. The new office, comprised of approximately 91,000 square feet, has achieved USGBC LEED Gold and WELL Building Standard™ certifications, applying the latest in workplace innovation. Having these certifications has benefited 800+ employees based in the Netherlands by providing an inspiring, inclusive and flexible environment that supports collaboration and productivity. Features of the new workplace design include: >> Alternative ergonomically-designed workstations with sit- down or stand-up desks, cycle stools and treadmill options >> An abundance of vegetation, creating a living, breathing environment >> Mothers’ rooms and prayer rooms to meet the needs of diverse individuals >> Workout programs and recreational areas around the building >> Energy- and water-efficient appliances and fittings Achieving this design and certifications required detailed planning of all workplace conditions, including air and sound quality, furniture styles, and all forms of mobility and accessibility within the building. >> Open, collaborative workspaces, giving freedom to work in different ways or privately in a personal space

“The link between work environment, health, wellbeing and productivity is indisputable. We are seeing more companies starting to realize the impact of integrating environmental and wellbeing considerations into their office design. Inclusive, flexible workplaces that respect individual preferences make a big difference in how people can stay productive while minimizing stress at work. We were proud to support Danone in being a pioneer of healthy workplace design in Europe.” Gerda Stelpstra, Associate Partner Strategic Consulting, Global Occupier Services


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