Asset Services Insights - Fall 2016 (External)

Do your client’s staffing needs fluctuate? Cushman & Wakefield has the ability to re-deploy professional resources to offer partial or fully dedicated staffing based on each client’s unique situation. We recognize that the decision to acquire or sell a property can be independent of the property staffing dilemma, so upon sale of a property, the management agreement automatically terminates with no wind-down costs incurred. Is your client concerned about risk management and mitigation? Management and mitigation of the risks involved in owning property can be stressful. Cushman & Wakefield has a library of best practices and similar experience to proactively solve for a multitude of property issues. Should the need arise, we can also activate in- house resources devoted to transitions and quality control, client accounting, crisis management, and law to manage the details of a complex challenge. Is your client well educated about quality control? Hiring a third-party manager maximizes quality control. Access to best practices across a multitude of functions, critical industry benchmarks (BOMA EER and IREM Income/Expense Analysis), tenant satisfaction measurements (Kingsley Associates surveys), SOC 1 compliant internal controls, and additional resources dedicated to transitions and quality control, lease provision and abstraction management, operating expense reconciliations, certificates of insurance, and random onsite compliance audits allows Cushman & Wakefield to ensure best-in-class service delivery and compliance. Does your client want to maximize the tenant experience at their properties? Cushman & Wakefield’s Asset Services team acts as the owner clients’ ambassadors all day, every day in properties worldwide. Therefore, every property, client, and tenant benefits from the lessons learned and best practices developed from a combination of scale and local market knowledge. For corporate, institutional, and private commercial real estate investors seeking additional luxury, Cushman & Wakefield also offers Private Label solutions, which align our platform with a client’s brand and mission. Is your client as informed about commercial real estate as they should be? Information is critically important to efficient building operations, cost control, tenant services, and maximum portfolio value. Cushman & Wakefield allocates significant resources to the collection and analysis of data pertinent to service performance. Clients benefit from this knowledge of market environment, trends, functional innovation, and technology implementation, among other information.

PAUL KLINK Senior Managing Director Strategic Account Management


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