Asset Services Insights - Fall 2016 (External)


Cushman & Wakefield continues to grow in size and in scale, but what remains consistent is our unwavering commitment to putting our clients first. We understand that one of the most important strategies we can bring to our investors and their portfolios is stability. Our Investor Services platform provides an advantage through cross-selling, offering owners comprehensive and tailored solutions for their real estate portfolios. In partnership with agency leasing, our management professionals act as the investor clients’ ambassador every day in properties across the country, provide an outlet to garner market feedback and insight to drive future purchasing decisions, and work to ensure optimal financial results throughout the asset life cycle. It is when we leverage our internal relationships, share knowledge, and ensure our clients always remain our number one priority that we effectively surround our clients with a comprehensive real estate solution that not only enhances the return on their investments, but opens the door for Cushman & Wakefield to mature existing client relationships. This edition of Asset Services Insights offers thought leadership and trends from our real estate experts. The steady increase of Chinese real estate investment in the Bay Area, using energy retrofits as an investment tool, and the benefits of outsourcing management will all be addressed in this issue. As Cushman & Wakefield, we have a solid road map for where we are currently and the key business drivers that will take us where we want to go. Let’s work together to ensure enhanced cross-selling, strong employee and client retention, and superior service delivery so our Investor Services platform continues to be the first and right choice for our clients.

MARLA MALONEY President, Asset Services, Americas


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