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SUPPLY CHAIN OPTIMIZATION Our supply chain optimization team, led by Tim Foster, will work to identify the infinite variables around Anovion’s manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and product delivery requirements to optimize the flow of goods from production to final sale. Whether it’s optimizing Anovion’s network and inventory or securing the right facility in the right location, we assist you along the entire continuum of the supply chain. C&W’s sophisticated software evaluates and optimizes millions of supply chain components including product sourcing costs, inventory carrying costs and facility costs to design a supply chain with the lowest total landed logistics and inventory costs. Cushman & Wakefield’s Programming & Design Group takes a fresh, innovative approach at the organization of the manufacturing space to consistently improve operations and allow businesses to scale and grow successfully. This service is led by Jon Zimmerman who brings over 35 years of manufacturing planning experience. Jon has a gift to examine and understand what the best methodologies are for integrating all business operations cohesively. His involvement has proven time and again to be an instrumental part in the growth of many companies. MANUFACTURING PROGRAMMING AND DESIGN

Albemarle Corporation recently signed a 5-year exclusive global MSA with C&W that provides global site selection & transaction management services across the U.S. Further, Cushman & Wakefield is rapidly becoming a leading partner for additional battery manufacturing projects. C&W recently advised Honda and LG on a $4.4 billion production facility to be built in Ohio. In 2021, C&W helped Enevate scale from an R&D facility to a full scale battery manufacturing facility including analytical lab, pilot line and full scale production line. The property was built speculatively in 2019. Lastly, Cushman & Wakefield was recently hired by Rivian to open several manufacturing facilities throughout the country. Further, the Project Team is currently engaged on several large scale manufacturing site selection projects across the U.S.; however, due to confidentiality reasons, cannot disclose client names at this time. INTEGRATED SITE SELECTION C&W realizes the challenges you’re up against and understands the complexity of making huge capital investments in your physical assets. Our team of site selection experts will help you confidently choose the best site for your business needs with easy-to digest data analysis and local market insights. We put your real estate to work for you by making it a competitive advantage that mitigates risk, lowers the total costs of operations, and meets service delivery pressures. We partner with you to evaluate locations and identify the best site for your business using data-driven analysis and local market expertise. Our Integrated Site Selection methodology employs a hub-and-spoke model in which a single-point of-contact leads, strategizes and coordinates all relevant services. This model ensures transparent communication and the successful delivery of a holistic real estate solution.

Proposal for Real Estate Services ANOVION 23

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