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PROJECT TEAM DESCRIPTION As illustrated on the previous page, the team was specifically assembled for this project based on background and experience. Team members were chosen to provide world class transaction management & site selection services and if needed, project management. TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT The Transaction Management team will work in tandem with the Location Selection team to ensure a seamless process whereby the physical real estate opportunities align with the results of their work. Once a site is identified, the Transaction Management will work closely with the local team within the selected market to drive the best deal terms possible. With the multitude of moving pieces involved in this process, it’s imperative the Transaction Management Team communicates daily with Anovion as well as the broader project team to maintain all parties are working toward a common goal. CORPORATE CAPITAL MARKETS Our customized advisory services and financing solutions provide our clients with key advantages to meet their objectives. Our full-spectrum financial services platform provides clients with customized and integrated capital solutions to derive creative financing solutions for large scale capital projects such as build-to-suit solutions, TI financing, etc. A deep understanding of the capital stack allows us to structure optimal strategies and negotiate the best terms for our clients.

LOCATION SELECTION We understand the complexity, risk calculus, and capital investment associated with this project. Tyler Hales and Amy Gerber have extensive experience across locations strategy, business incentives, and advanced financial analytics. Due to their familiarity with these projects, Tyler & Amy are able to utilize additional C&W services, if needed, as outlined below. Industrial Location Strategy – C&W’s location strategy and site selection team, led by Ben Harris, has unparalleled experience ascertaining your business drivers, synthesizing market data, and making data-driven location recommendations. Supply Chain Optimization – Tim Foster leads C&W’s Supply Chain Optimization group. We understand that proximity to suppliers and customers is a key driver for this project’s ultimate location. Time will ensure that we optimize logistics costs and shipping times across the network to mitigate potential future hurdles. Financial Analysis – Olan Young will work closely with the account team to lead financial analysis and guidance required for executive-level decision making and transaction execution throughout all phases of the project. He will perform comparative economic analysis of potential solutions including cash flow, income statement, and balance sheet impact to conform to Anovion’s financial methodologies.

12 ANOVION Proposal for Real Estate Services

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