Americas Office Fit Out Cost Guide 2024


As the level of sophistication in workplace technology has grown, so has its uses. Today’s technology not only optimizes employee efficiency, but it also makes buildings smarter and improves employee workplace experience. Tomorrow’s technology will rely on AI and other advances to bridge the gap between the individual workspace and the collaborative environment. In the near future, AI may offer more customization for the office user, allowing an individual to monitor environmental settings in the office, including lighting and temperature, without impacting the experience of others. Additionally, generative AI could assist occupiers with workplace design and optimization; resource management; and workplace safety and navigation. Workplace designers are leaning into generative AI by leveraging data from sensors that track movements and environmental conditions to identify where people tend to congregate. Using the data collected, the AI-generated models design floorplans and layouts that optimize office spaces to the specific needs and work practices of employees. Today’s young workers expect a seamless technology experience, from using facial recognition to enter a building, to using an app to find open workstations, book a conference room and order lunch. Gen Z readily adapts innovative technology solutions and has high expectations of integrating technology into their everyday work. It will be key to leverage AI when building workspaces and implementing technology solutions for this and future generations of workers. Landlords and occupiers must consider significant technology implementation into their fit out plans. For example, video conferencing must be fully integrated into the office environment and conference rooms must be equipped with the latest technology to allow in-person staff to video and audio conference with teams across different geographies. Going forward, AI considerations will need to be factored into technology implementations. THE FUTURE OF TECH, AI AND THE WORKPLACE



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