Customer Newsletter - Fall/Winter 2020

Fall Reminders

Here’s a helpful checklist with maintenance reminders as we go into the fall and winter seasons:  Fire Extinguishers: Inspect and tag once per year.  HVAC: Check air filter monthly and replace every 30-90 days when it becomes directly or clogged.  Water Taps: Fully drain outside water taps to avoid frozen pipes.  Hoses: Remove hoses and store them for the winter.  Roof Leaks: Report any roof leaks to your property manager immediately.  Slippery Conditions: Use caution and wear appropriate footwear to avoid slipping on leaves, snow, or ice. If you observe any conditions that need to be addressed, please contact your property manager.

Lean Green

Tips for Making Your Workplace More Sustainable

To help make your workplace more environmentally friendly and do your part to protect the planet, here are some easy habits to put into practice. Recycle, Reuse Paper or Go Paperless Think about all the times you use paper in the office. You likely print out employee onboarding and performance review forms, the employee handbook, notes for distribution at meetings, and notices to hang around the office. Recycle or try reusing paper.

Cut Back on Water Bottles Many cities are now charging retailers that give customers plastic bags, and restaurants are being encouraged to seek alternatives to plastic straws and utensils. But many companies are still providing single-use plastic water bottles to employees. A more environmentally friendly approach is to buy or rent a water dispenser for the workplace. Knowledge is Power Educate employees on waste reduction and explain the company's plan for putting different types of trash and recycling bins in the workplace, and what to dispose of in each.

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