2023 March Life Sciences Update

Emerging Markets - EMEA

Emerging Markets - APAC

Emerging EMEA markets include: • Germany • Ireland • Switzerland • the Netherlands • Belgium • France

Emerging APAC markets include: • Australia • China • Singapore • India • South Korea • Malaysia • Japan

Notable developments in emerging EMEA life sciences markets: • Government initiatives, including Germany’s High-Tech Strategy 2025 plan, the Netherland’s Quadruple Helix approach to public-private partnerships, and France’s Healthcare Innovation 2030 plan, all of which promote a growing life sciences ecosystem in their respective countries. • Many emerging EMEA markets currently have a large number of companies operating and employees working in the markets. For instance, emerging markets with several life sciences firms include Germany (4,000+), Netherlands (3,500+) and France (2,300+). Additionally, France has approximately 65,000 employed in the industry. Ireland, which hosts operations for nine of the top-10 international pharmaceutical companies, has 50,000 employed. • Multiple emerging markets have seen large amounts of life sciences investment capital flowing in. Germany, which has more than 650 biopharmaceutical compounds in clinical development, has invested more than €10.8 billion in biotech and R&D, while France’s Healthcare Innovation 2030 plan came at a €7.5 billion price tag. • Many markets rank high across EMEA, including Germany, which ranks first in Europe by market volume, patients, manufacturers and providers, and the Netherlands, which ranks fourth in patent applications.

Notable developments in emerging APAC life sciences markets: • Life sciences clusters, parks and innovation centers are an increasing trend in APAC markets, with countries like China, South Korea, India and Singapore embracing the trend. • China’s explosive growth, which has seen the market value of publicly listed biopharma firms in China increase from $3 billion in 2016 to $380 billion in 2021. Singapore has seen pharmaceutical manufacturing triple since 2000, and the country produces four of the top-10 drugs by global revenue. India is expecting a CAGR of 17% in life sciences industry revenue from 2022-2025. • Australia ranks eighth globally for life sciences research, with specialties in optometry, ophthalmology, pediatrics and reproductive medicine.



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