2023 Bright Insight: The 2023 National Legal Sector Benchmark Survey Results

The legal sector is inherently multi-faceted and complex. For as many similarities as there are between firms there, are an equal or greater number of differences present in the resources they have available, the evolution of their technology, their staffing models, and their real estate. While industry change is inevitable, it’s important to consider that some change is driven by natural industry evolution while others are more provisional. Survey results from 2023 indicate that the legal sector has continued to lay the framework needed for evolutionary change as the industry continues its transition into an increasingly digitally-enabled world. Cushman & Wakefield’s Legal Sector Advisory Group (LSAG) is proud to present the firm’s 10th edition of our annual Bright Insight report in partnership with ALM/American lawyer. In this report, we dive into the past, present, and future thoughts, nuances, and practices of law firms. Utilizing our strong reputation as trusted advisors to legal services firms across the country, we have uncovered insider insights of the legal industry from large firms, boutique firms, and those in between, through our Bright Insight Benchmark and Bright Insight Associate Surveys .


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