2023 Bright Insight: The 2023 National Legal Sector Benchmark Survey Results

06 WO R K P L AC E C H A N G E S

The number of attorneys supported by each support staff member has continued to increase, so these workstations are now often moving from specific practice offices to being centrally located in the office.

• Law firm offices have always included non-workspace usages (e.g., law library) but those are shifting to meet modern needs and in-space amenities are highly sought after . Examples of spaces being considered and implemented include: • Client-centric areas that don’t have any attorney offices and offer hospitality and meeting amenities. Some of these floors are more similar to offerings of a high-end hotel than what you would expect to see in an office building. Elegant lounges, tasteful bars, and large ballrooms are all examples that we’ve seen incorporated in these spaces. • Rooftop outdoor space for occasional client events and for regular use by attorneys and staff to connect during the day or relax after work. In some instances, firms have opted for accordion-style folding doors that turn a rooftop terrace into an extension of the office space while allowing fresh air to circulate on the floor.

• Cafés that resemble a high-end restaurant, placed on the windowline, have become a common desire for firms. They are often stocked with healthy food and snacks, have a well-trained barista, and offer a more casual atmosphere for connecting or meeting with colleagues. • State of the art workplace technology is being integrated into many facets of the office. Examples of workplace technology that’s being installed include: • Upgrades to the video, sound, and lighting of each office to better facilitate virtual meetings. • Sound masking technology that helps maintain confidentiality in universal sized offices. • Media rooms that cater to live network interviews or audiovisual recording and editing. • Digital libraries, file, and exhibit storage. • Virtual mock trial rooms.


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