2022 Flex Office Changing Workplace

Employees’ Expectations Have Changed Trends Expected to Increase Post-Pandemic

Flexible Office Location Strategy • Office workers indicate less of a

willingness to commute long distances to get to the office every day. Potentially, there is an opportunity for flexible office to provide office space closer to where employees live. • To date, however, the data does not show a migration of flexible office inventory to the suburbs. • Repurposing of other space types is also a potential strategy. Owners are looking to use flex as a way to drive foot traffic in retail and mall settings, for example. • These employee preferences have given rise to “pass” products that provide access to thousands of global locations. Instead of occupiers implementing a hub-and-spoke strategy, they create hub-and-roam flexibility.








Work near home

Number of coworking spaces

Work from home

Number of digital nomads

Number of workstations

Commercial real estate prices in my area

Number of business trips

Source: deskmag, European Coworking Spaces During Pandemic report

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