2022 Flex Office Changing Workplace

Does WFH Translate to Flex Demand? There is an In-Office “Premium” for Employee Experience

Flex as a Bridge for WFH

• Many workers who have worked remotely have noted benefits related to reduced commute times and greater ability to focus on certain tasks. However, mounting evidence suggests that working from home actually makes it harder to separate from one’s work and to create the desired work-life balance. o 49%: “No divide between work and home life” was the second most common complaint among employees working from home. o 14%: There is a 14% premium in employees’ work-life balance when they are frequently in the office . • Flexible office provides a “third place” for workers who want to be agile but want an alternative to their home.





Frequent Office “Premium”


Work-Life Balance

Best Work


Source: Cushman & Wakefield XSF Survey TM

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